Mobile Game - Android/iOS Application

Fruitcraft Trading Card Game is a massively multiplayer online collectible card game app on mobile, with fruit warriors. All that means is that you can collect over 200 trading cards, challenge opponents globally and band with your friends to form tribes. The game combines elements from online strategy games such as Travian or Clash of Clans with traditional trading card games. If you want to learn more about the game itself, check out our gameplay page. The app is created by Turned On Digital as an indie production in 2013.

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Interactive Book - iOS Application

Kidz4Mation series mission is to provide some simple tools and tips that children can use through their lives. The app is part of a teacher and psychologist-backed range of products to engage and entertain children while teaching them invaluable life skills.

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Location Based iOS Application

Situationist is an iPhone app that makes your everyday life more thrilling and unpredictable. It alerts members to each other's proximity and gets them to interact in random "situations". These situations vary from the friendly "Hug me for 5 seconds exactly" or "Compliment me on my haircut", to the subversive eg "Help me rouse everyone around us into revolutionary fervour and storm the nearest TV station". Members simply upload their photo and pick the situations they want to happen to them from a shortlist, in the knowledge that they might then occur anywhere, and at any time.

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Featured in MoMa - Talk To Me : [ Link ]

School Program Organizer

Using Simulated Annealing - Windows Application

SPO Maps the problem of organizing school program, courses and instructors to the Travelling Sales Map problem (TSP) and uses Simulated Annealing and Gradient Descent to solve the problem by minimizing/optimizing total energy of solution to find the program with minimum possible conflicts.